CLASS description


So often students try to use their movement and meditation practice as a way to escape their human stressors or try to bypass their life lessons. At BUTI MVMNT, we believe that every workout should be used to integrate your emotional body + MOVE through life's work. It is in THIS magical place that you integrate your human experience instead of escape it.

All of our classes are for ALL LEVELS. All shapes. All sizes. All abilities. We are a community, and you are ready!


This dynamic yoga practice intuitively blends primal movement with cardio bursts and vibration to tone the body - physically, emotionally + energetically. It’s fun. It’s sweaty. And you’ll leave all your stress on the mat.


Set up as a 45 minute class, BURN is designed to get you in and out with an all around workout. Utilizing HIIT intervals, weights, bands, cardio bursts, and deep abdominal toning, you will build strength and prevent injury. Included are static yoga poses to stretch and lengthen. You'll get it all in, in this 45 minute burst, the strength and the stretch. 


Tone, stretch, and lengthen all your muscles on our state-of-the-art spring loaded resistance springs in this total body burner. Modern weight training meets body weight conditioning. With traditional Pilates movements done on our reformers, you will achieve a total body workout and leave feeling a burn, and some renewed vigor! For all levels, including those new to the Pilates reformer.


Our traditional Reformer Pilates workout, along with cardio intervals on the Reformer Jumpboard. You will work through plyometric intervals while lying on the Pilates refomer, all to spike your heart rate, build endurance, and torch calories while achieving the toning effect only Pilates can bring.


This is the burner you all know and love! A Pilates-based workout incorporating principles drawn from traditional ballet. Light weights and resistance bands, along with small, isometric contractions will leave your muscles shaking when you walk out the door. You’ll thank us tomorrow! If you’re looking for a low-impact workout that brings the burn, this one is for you!


If you love music and like to drop it low when no one is looking, this one is for you! NO DANCE EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY. We will lead you through fun, energetic dance moves that are easy to follow. You literally will be shocked when the hour is up; it feels more like a dance party with your BFFs than a workout. Bring tennis shoes for this one and prepare to sweat and laugh, all at the same time.


Flow through a traditional yoga practice with us to come back to your heart’s center. Align body and mind as you lengthen, stretch, and build some strength! This yoga experience is for all, and will leave you feeling refreshed, centered, and walking a little taller as you leave the studio.

PRIMAL FLOW (Vinyasa Yoga)

Primal flow blends traditional Vinyasa with Buti® Yoga techniques and philosophy to create the perfectly balanced practice of movement and stillness for the Mind, Body, + Soul! Primal Flow uses a formula for sequencing with creativity while maintaining structural integrity. This format works with anatomical principles to bring dynamic, primal, and intuitive movement to life. The re-awakening of our primal nature through the releasing of blocked energy and uniting of the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine in all of us! You will love this class is you love Vinyasa Flow.


DEEP Masterful and intentional, DEEP is restorative movement sequence that utilizes the Spiral Structure Technique® to connect mind to muscle and catalyze vibrational change on a cellular level. DEEP is low-impact and focuses on micro-movements with physical touch to connect the brain to innervated muscle and restructure the deep core. DEEP is designed to prevent injury, assist in the recovery + prevention of bladder / uterine prolapse and diastasis recti, + restore function and unlock / move stored trauma in the fascia. Classes include self-massage and pressure point activation to release muscles during deep restorative postures.


A fun and unique introduction to aerial yoga that utilizes fabrics to not only engage your entire body but also to help develop flexibility while supported. The class will include a mix of flexibility and fitness exercises with the hammocks and an incredible suspended savasana.


Yin Yoga is practiced mostly seated or lying on the mat. You will work through deep yoga stretches, with long holds and props (including bolsters, blankets, and straps) designed to allow you to work even more deeply through each pose. You will get a stretch like never before, as you integrate mind and body in a state of deep relaxation. We end the class with a sound healing practice facilitated with the use of Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, crystal bowls, and more. You simply relax in savasana and enjoy the sound healing treat. An amazing way to end a long day!


We take classical pilates to the next level by challenging students to rhythmically flow from one exercise to the next, developing a rock-solid core and leaving no muscle untouched. This is a mat-based fusion of ab-chiseling and total body defining moves!

Cosmic Flow Yoga

This class is a fusion of familiar vinyasa movements with the practices of Kundalini Kriya yoga, pranayama, and meditations. This 75-minute experience is "physical and mystical," sweaty and approachable, often loud and liberating, and always a deeper experience with You - the layer of yourself that is calm, strong, stable, and always burning bright.